ST. LOUIS COUNTY - St. Louis County executive Sam Page gave more information on the presumptive positive COVID-19 case in St. Louis County on Sunday afternoon.

Page said the patient, a women in her 20s, contacted the coronavirus hotline on March 5.

Page said the family of the woman were in contact with state and county health officials since Thursday when the woman self-reported her symptoms.

According to, Indiana University has confirmed the woman as a second IU student who was studying abroad in Italy has tested positive for coronavirus COVID-19.

The patient's family has been in contact with the officials multiple times a day and it was made clear that they were expected to self-quarantine in their home.

"The patient in this situation reacted remarkably, maturely, responsibly and followed all the instruction to self-quarantine. From all of our indications she has followed our instructions," Page said.

Page said the father decided to take his other daughter to a school function, despite their request.

Villa Duchesne and Oak Hill School announced they will be canceling classes on Monday after learning that the sister of one of their students was the first “presumptive positive” case in Missouri.

Amtrak said in a press release Sunday that the woman traveled on Amtrak train 303 from Chicago to St. Louis on March 4.

"We are working in close contact with public health and emergency management teams to have the best available information to be able to share with our customers and employees who might be affected. Amtrak is notifying passengers and employees who may have been on the same train, and as a precaution, we have taken the train out of service for comprehensive cleaning and disinfection, and are also working to do a thorough disinfection of the Chicago and St. Louis stations."

St. Louis County launched a website, for updates and information on COVID-19 in the area. The site has information about symptoms of the disease, prevention tips, treatment and resources in the county.

There is also a hotline that connects people to the county health department: 314-615-2660.

Johns Hopkins University provides real time, interactive international map that updates the locations and spread of the virus.

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