COLUMBIA - It's another loss at Faurot Field as The Missouri Tigers lose to No. 21 Texas A&M 35-14 Saturday.

Head Coach Eliah Drinkwitz said this is not where he thought his team would be at this point in the season. 

"Nobody's happy with the record," Drinkwtiz said. "Nobody's in there patting themselves on the back you know, being 3-4 I get it, absolutely, we're all disappointed."

The first quarter was ultimately what broke the game apart. 

Connor Bazelak threw two interceptions within the first quarter. One of those Aggie possessions ended with a Texas A&M touchdown.

The Aggies rushed for 283 yards with five total touchdowns within the entire game. 157 of those rushing yards were just in the first quarter along with three-touchdowns.

Texas A&M running backs Isaiah Spiller and Devon Achane had an electric start.

Within the first quarter, Spiller rushed for 83 yards. Achane also stepped up in the game with rushing for 73 yards with a touchdown.  

Mizzou's defense just couldn't step up to the match. The defense let too many gaps open for the Texas A&M offense to pass through.

"Don't give up, because you know there's plenty of games that we were down last year, but you know we fought back," said sophomore defensive back, Jaylon Carlies. "I'm just saying don't give up is probably our main message that we need to focus on heading into different games you know we might go into a game down, we might go into a game up, but if we're up, don't relax, but if we're down don't give up."

The comparison between the two teams rushing yards is drastic, with A&M having a total of 283 yards and Mizzou with 98 yards. 

Even with a tough loss, there are positives that came out of Mizzou's performance Saturday. 

After the first half, Mizzou held Texas A&M to only seven points as the Tigers would score a touchdown in the second half. 

After the Aggies went up 21-0 in the first, the Tigers matched them 14-14 through the last three quarters to keep it at 21-point lead. 

Missouri senior running back Tyler Badie would help the team out with their first touchdown. Badie had 116 total yards throughout the game with one 32-yard rushing touchdown in the second quarter. 

"You can't really go back and think about the past, you know I kind of like just wait until we reflect as a whole after the season's over," said Badie. "It's also things we got to take, take as a lesson, learn from it in the past, of course, but at the end of the day, we got to keep moving forward, we can't really just stick and stay in the past."

Michael Cox, a redshirt freshman was able to get some time in the running back position with one 22 yard carry in his two rushes. This is Cox's second game with two or more carries within the game. 

Missouri wide receiver Tauskie Dove stepped up at wide receiver with receiving 65 yards within just one quarter. 

Penalties played a huge factor into Saturday's game. Combined between offense and defense, Mizzou would go on to total 13 penalties within the game totaling 106 yards lost for the tigers.  

Mizzou has a bye week this coming week, but will be back the following week with another SEC matchup against Vanderbilt in Nashville on Oct. 30. 

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