COLUMBIA- The Missouri Tigers fell to 5-4 with a 49-14 loss to Georgia on Saturday. The Tigers will travel to Mississippi State to play their last regular season game next Saturday.

Both teams came into the game nationally ranked: No. 25 Missouri and No. 9 Georgia. The Tigers put up a fight going into the half trailing 21-14, but the Bulldogs pulled away scoring every possession in the third quarter.

“I was proud of the way our guys fought, everybody was still trying to encourage everybody on the sideline to keep on going, but we don’t have enough depth. We’re playing with 59 scholarship players right now. The NCAA gave us a 4 person penalty, that’s a significant penalty. And then we’ve had transfers and opt-outs and we just don’t have enough depth right now. We’re gonna have to find a way to manufacture some depth,” said head coach Eliah Drinkwitz after the game.

The the last time the Tigers beat Georgia was in a similar situation in 2013 while Mizzou was ranked 25 and Georgia 7. Mizzou was hoping for a similar outcome today.

Mizzou quarterback Connor Bazelak took a knee to the head in the second quarter, and Brady Cook stepped into the role for 3 plays. Bazelak returned and finished with 139 yards passing and one interception. Georgia finished with a whopping 615 total yards versus Mizzou’s 200.

“We gave up 316 yards rushing, so we were trying to load the box, and if you load the box, then you leave the wideouts one-on-one it’s kind of pick your poison type deal,” Drinkwitz said.

“You obviously gotta take today and then a little bit of tomorrow and just digest it a little bit, see where you can get things fixed. You know there’s obviously mistakes we made that we gotta get cleaned up and then after that we gotta turn our attention to Mississippi State,” said wide receiver Barrett Banister. “It’s a new week, new opportunity to go 1 and 0.”

Coach Drinkwitz said the goal is to compete in the SEC East, and today provided a good measuring stick for the program.

"We've got a long way to go. Our goal is to be competitive in the SEC East and right now, the two teams at the top of the SEC East we weren't competitive with. So we've got our work cut out for us and htat starts with me in recruiting and player development."

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