Mizzou softball fans are preparing for a weekend of NCAA Columbia Regional play at full capacity.

COLUMBIA - The Mizzou Softball Stadium is opened to full capacity for the NCAA Columbia Regional, happening this weekend, May 21-23.

This comes following an announcement made by the NCAA on Wednesday afternoon that removes all capacity limits on baseball and softball championships. 

Tickets for the regional went on sale Thursday morning at 10 a.m. and the rest were sold as single session passes at 2 p.m. 

According to a press release from Mizzou Athletics, there isn't a ticket pick-up on Thursday. Instead, all tickets will be picked up on game day at the Mizzou Softball Stadium Will Call, opening at 11 a.m. on Friday.

Fans from all schools playing are in town to watch the weekend match ups, including one passionate Iowa State fan. 

Jim Sogard, from Ames, Iowa, is a lifelong Cyclone fan. He had two daughters that played on the softball team and has been a fan ever since. 

"I had two daughters that were both good softball pitchers and we've followed Iowa State softball for a number of years," Sogard said. "It's a great extra opportunity to come down here and see some friends and go to a good ball game."

Sogard planned the trip without knowing if he would be able to attend the game in-person. 

"We lived with a stadium this spring that was quite empty, so it was nice to come down here and we didn't know if we'd get seats or not when it was half full, half capacity," Sogard said. "As soon as it went to full capacity we got out tickets." 

Other fans, like long-time Mizzou softball Diamond club member, Blair Murphy and his family, say they had no problems at all getting tickets. 

"The ticket office was absolutely fantastic for me personally," Murphy said. "They went way out of their way to help me and make sure that I was taken care of."

He says the biggest problem he faced was the last minute announcement of capacity expanding. 

"Would it have been nice to be full capacity sooner to plan more, absolutely," Murphy said. "But I get it, the world is in a weird place right now, but my family and myself are very excited for what's getting ready to happen." 

Overall, he says the excitement surrounding this weekend is obvious. 

"It was fantastic news for our community because those girls deserve that and they need to have a sell out crowd to support them because they are really special," Murphy said. "They deserve that and 25% to 50% wasn't good enough." 

Rock Bridge High School softball player Molly Murphy has looked up to the Mizzou softball team her whole life. 

"I think they're [Mizzou softball team] so deserving of this, opening up of full capacity so that they can have all the fans they deserve and I know all the fans really hope to be there," Molly said. 

Regardless of tickets, fans are ready to see a fuller stadium and all of the teams play. 

"Anybody in the community if they have a chance to get out and watch this team play, they're very special and you need to be there," Murphy said.

The Columbia Regional begins on Friday at 1 p.m. with Iowa State and Northern Iowa. 

The nationally ranked Mizzou tigers take on UIC at 3:30 p.m.