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COLUMBIA - The University of Missouri will implement the second phase of its non-smoking policy starting July 1st.  MU already has a policy to keep smokers 20 feet away from any entrance to a building.

The new policy requires people to smoke in designated smoking areas on campus, including the surface parking lots, the top level of parking garages, and also other common areas where people are most likely to smoke.

The Assistant Director of the MU News Service, Christian Basi, said the ultimate goal is to help people quit smoking. He encouraged people to take advantages of the available programs, including the Wellness Resource Center for students and T.E.Akins UM Wellness Program for faculty and staff. "I believe those programs are available and free of charge," he said.

MU students may have different opinions on the new policy. John Mayginnes, who is a non-smoker, is really glad about it. Mayginnes is a returning student at MU. He said people could even smoke on the balconies of residential halls when he first came here in 2000, and he has seen a big change over the years. However, the new policy cannot satisfy everyone. It will take time for frequent smokers to get used to it step by step.

Basi said MU is going to begin a third and final phase in January 2014 and turn MU into a completely smoke-free campus.