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COLUMBIA - Lawns that are now brown are beyond salvaging according to Carol Lewis, the manager of Lees Lawn Care and Equipment.

"People who have dead lawns right now are just going to have to reseed everything next spring," Lewis said. 

Columbia Water and Light energy specialist David Mars agrees. 

"The ground is averaging around 145 degrees right now. You pour any water onto it and the water will just evaporate," Mars said. "If you haven't been watering your lawn up to their point, there's no reason to start now."

Mars mentioned that he has noticed most people are spending more time keeping their plants, bushes and trees alive while neglecting their grass. 

"It's much easier to just replant your grass rather than put in all new bushes and trees that you need to grow for years to get to a mature height," Mars said. 

Columbia Water and Light mentions on their website that if residents want to keep their lawns looking green, an easy way to make sure water bills don't skyrocket is to conserve water inside the home. Taking five minute showers, washing full loads of laundry and making sure toilets do not run continuously will save hundreds of gallons of water a day.