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COLUMBIA - Some Columbia residents are getting fed up with their landlords.

They want their security deposits back. Former Brookside Townhome resident Alicia Firman says her landlord walked through her apartment and gave it the OK. Then, charged her more than $300 for cleaning and other "random charges."

When Firman tried to contact the landlord/general manager, she was told the only way to get ahold of him was by email -- which he also does not answer.

Real Estate Management, Inc. (REMI) employee Carol Stevenson says it is a balancing act between two extremes; some of the tenants are spotlessly clean, and others leave the apartments with holes in the walls and floor. Because of this, the amount of money tenants get back varies from house to house.

Kristy Kuntz is another apartment house resident waiting to hear back from her landlord about her security deposit. She has been waiting since she moved out at the end of July. Kuntz says she and her roommates were spotless and deep cleaned everything before they left.

"There's really no reason we wouldn't get our deposit back," Kuntz said. "We were great tenants."

Rob Hill, co-owner of Log Hill Run, says its check-out process is streamlined and orderly. They have multiple forms for the tenants to fill out. Hill says they can always call the owners personally if they have any issues.

Despite a lot of comments on the KOMU facebook page, there are currently no solutions to this problem between renters and landlords.