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COLUMBIA - The renovation of the Boone County Courthouse Plaza started more than a month ago, and now is anticipated to be finished in time to observe Veterans' Day on Nov. 12.

Boone County's war memorials will be the new focal point at the northern end of the Historic Avenue of the Columns.  The memorials were previously offset from the columns and partially obscured by a concrete wall.

Also included in the plaza renovations are the installation of historic-style brick surfaces, a cafe patio, a rose garden, a butterfly garden and a new stage facing the existing ampitheater seating according to the Courthouse Plaza Renovation page on the Boone County website.

The $850,000 being used for the renovation is funded from money left over from recent construction work on the Roger B. Wilson Boone County Government Center.

The idea to fix up the plaza stemmed from problems such as broken concrete and fountains that did not work as originally intended. The Boone County website also states that county officials decided the plaza needed more green space and landscaping to make it a more attractive gathering space.