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COLUMBIA - Residents took to the park to celebrate Labor Day and the fall-like temperatures. For many, it was a time to unwind and spend the day with loved ones.

"I'm spending today with my wife and daughter. It's so nice out, we had to take advantage of this wonderful weather," said Tim Davis. He and his family ate lunch at one of the pavillions at Stephens Lake Park.

Others spent time outside as a release from the regular workday stress. For Sharie Lowell, that meant trying to reel something in.

"I'm here fishing with my husband. We caught one earlier, but haven't had success since."

Others use the time to relax and be thankful they're not at work, like John Sampson.

"I used to work in retail, and I was on the job for many Labor Days. I'm thankful for today because in my current job I don't have to work."