10 Year Old Forgoes Birthday Gifts for Charity

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FULTON - Fourth Grader Lydia Books presented the Fulton Police Department with more than 60 stuffed animals Wednesday.

She collected the toys after deciding for her birthday, she wanted to help other kids by giving them a gift during hard times.

Lydia and her mom, Jennifer, came up with the idea after reading an issue of American Girl Magazine.

Lydia said she won't miss the gifts she could have potentially gotten.

"I got toys in my room, I probably don't need anymore." Lydia said

On her 10th birthday, Lydia's friends gave her stuffed animals instead of birthday presents.

Jennifer is a member of the Fulton Rotary Club. She informed President Andre Cook about the effort, and soon donations started flowing in.

"Rotary members decided that they would also contribute some animals to the cause, and they thought it was a great cause to stand behind," Cook said.

Lydia collected more than 60 stuffed animals total. Cook, also the Fulton Police Chief of Detectives, says the police will distribute the stuffed animals to children who come into contact with public safety departments during a time of crisis.