100 Years of Memories for Fulton Church

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FULTON - First Christian Church in Fulton celebrated its 100 year anniversary in its current building off 7th Street. The church was actually founded in 1833, but it has spent the most time in its third building.

Church historian Sally Williams said in 1910 the congregation decided it needed to build a new church.

"The preacher at the time was Rev. Fite and he wanted to impress the congregation with the need for a new church," Williams said. "So, he brought the membership in in the evening and said, 'Look up.' When they looked up, they could see the stars through the ceiling of the church."

It was at that moment, the congregation decided to raise money for a new church, one with a little less of a celestial view. They started tearing it down in August of 1910; and moved into the current church March of 1912.

"My grandfather kinda became the congregational project manager," said John Atkinson III, whose family was part of the original congregation. "When this church was dedicated, they gave him the key to the church so he could open the doors for the very first time."

Atkinson said the church cost about $60,000 to build. His family is one of the originals from the early 1800s.

In complete contrast, Suzy and Joe Johnston have only been parishioners for two years.

"When we came to visit, it was like hearing a voice whisper welcome home," Suzy Johnston said.

"You feel closer, kinda draws ya in, up," Joe Johnston said.

100 years of people feeling closer, feeling like they're home.

"100 yrs of people who have come and made a commitment to each other at this altar and a commitment to Christ in this baptistery here. This is holy place."

First Christian Church has recently become the Salvation Army extension center of Callaway County. For more information or to donate call 573-642-6635.