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COLUMBIA - Boone County Presiding Commissioner Dan Atwill's first full day on the job Monday was an easy one: his office was closed for Columbus Day. However, the challenges facing the commission didn't have the day off, as only six weeks remain for the three-member commission to finalize the budget for next year.

District 1 Commissioner Karen Miller said the county expects a slight increase in revenues for next year. She attributes the positive news to higher-than-predicted revenue from sales tax receipts, and plans on that trend continuing into next year.

"We've been good financial stewards for the past three or four years, and now we're in a position where we can begin to make some capital purchases that we have put off for several years," Miller said.

What the county predicts, Ron Stuckey actually knows. He owns The Market Place consignment store, and has seen a large increase in sales during the past year.

"Right now we're $60 or $70 thousand in the black from where we were even last year, and that's with our three best months of October, November, and December still to come."

Stuckey estimates that he will see an increase of just over $100 thousand come the year's end.