1128 Shopper Fatigue

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COLUMBIA - After a weekend featuring Black Friday and Small Business Saturday, customers at Columbia Mall on Cyber Monday said they felt overwhelmed with all of the promotions.

Donna Byrne did not shop over the weekend, and said she had a hard time getting a grasp on everything that was going on.

"With all the media blitz on TV, it's been Black Friday this, Cyber Monday that, and save, save, save. It's just too much, I think."

Her friend Joyce Hail said she was too tired to shop on the day after Thanksgiving, but that didn't stop some of those who came to her house from going out.

"I did have some house guests that stayed over that went out at 10 o'clock and came back at 2:30. Another one went back out at 4 o'clock."

Gary Bowlen went shopping with his wife on Black Friday. He had a positive view of the experience.

"It was kind of chaotic, hectic at times during the Black Friday sales. But all in all the associates were very friendly and we ran into a lot of nice people."

Both Byrne and Hail said they try to shop throughout the year for gifts, but both had little success this year. Hail thinks the economy is to blame.

"Everything is going up. The prices are all more. The bargains that I used to see throughout the year aren't there anymore. It's because of our economy. There just aren't that many hot bargains through the year."

Despite the discomfort, early word suggest retailers recorded sales above projections in the Columbia Mall and nationwide.