117 year old organ played

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JAMESTOWN - Grace United Methodist Church held its seasonal music recital on Sunday featuring a 117-year-old historic church organ.

"It's the season of song, the word carol means songs of joy," said Pastor Bruce Jeffries. "And it's important for us to remember."

The organ was first constructed in 1901 and later rebuilt in the 1970s. Jeffries played the instrument at the music recital and said the instrument is unique because of its age, build and ability to reflect the musical styles of the time it was built. 

"The original organ was put in before electricity was in the area," said Jeffries. "They had bellows they would manually pump and the kids had to pump them before Sunday morning." 

Grace United Methodist Church itself is over 150 years old. German methodists founded the ministry in August of 1843. 

During the Civil War, the church remained loyal to the Union rather than the Confederacy despite the community being a farming community with many slaves in the area. 

Mary Jane, a volunteer at the church, has been attending the church since she was born. She said it would be unthinkable for the church to ever be torn down because of the history.

"It would be deviating for the church to be torn down," she said. "You can feel the history in here." 

Jeffries said the church has stood the test of time because of the loyal and involved congregation. 

"In Methodist churches, they have pastor changes, we aren't centered around the pastor," said Jeffries. "The congregation has to make decisions to be active in the community."