12 Year Old Writes First Book

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FULTON - You know the old cliche... Someday I'll write a book. It's on a lot of people's bucket lists.

It's not on one Fulton twelve year old's... She's already done it. Miranda Fishhook is a nice girl. She went to a normal school. These are the opening lines of Aiyana Thompson's first book.

"I want to put something else out there. Things other people haven't done. Things that other people in stories haven't used," said Thompson.

A lake inspired her. "I usually sit out here and think about some things. Then I go back inside and then I write them," said Thompson.

She has a lifelong desire to go fishing with her grandpa. "Still haven't done it yet but i'm hoping to someday," said Thompson.

"I was thinking about throwing the reel in there and catching the fish. At first, I was thinking of the name Fisher. Other people use that a lot so, I figured that Fishhook would be better so it could be kinda new," said Thompson. Aiyana Thompson is a published author who tells the tale of a girl who catches a best friend.

"I seen my name and it's in the internt and everyone else can see it. It's kind of exciting," said Thompson. With the support of her mom and her aunt, Aiyana turned a fourth grade writing assignment into a book published by Authorhouse.

"I hope that she accomplishes everything that she wants to. I really want to help encourage her in whatever direction she wants especially since its positive things," said Thompson's mother, Kamilah.

"I want to keep her moving. I don't want her to just stop. She's constantly writing. She'll call me with ideas and say what do you think about this? Well, it's your story. What do you think?," said Thompson's aunt, Latoshia.

Latoshia Thompson spearheaded the campaign to get her neice published. "I've just been trying to e-mail as many people as I can. Get her name out there," said Latoshia.

Aiyana's goal is to become a pediatrician. The plan is to use the money she makes from her book for medical school. "We thought that some of the books could get bigger and sell more so then we could put the money for college or for medical school," said Latoshia.

"Awesome. I think she'd be great at it. Children love her," said Latoshia. But if being a doctor doesn't work out... I think we all know something Aiyana can fall back on.

Aiyana is working on more Miranda Fishhook books. She plans to turn it into a series.

If you'd like to purchase a copy of her book, we have a link to the publisher's website from ours at KOMU.com.