1953 Queen Looks Back on Homecoming

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Columbia- A lot can change in 100 years, except, of course, the undying excitement for MIZZOU's homecoming...just ask husband and wife, Charmain and Barton Boyle. The Boyles have attended the celebration for more than fifty years.

"I read that there were 26 thousand people there that day," Charmian said about the MU v. Nebraska game back in 1953."

Barton chimed in, "we soundly defeated Nebraska." 21 to 7 to be exact.

"We'll see friends and tailgate and watch the parade and then," Charmian said, "we'll have a big watch time at half time because that's when they're going to crown the queen."

An MU tradition that always takes Charmion right back to that 1953 homecoming game.

"The candidates were all riding on the float prior to the game in long dresses dressed up and at the game we had the fur coat, the mum with the MU on it and walked onto the field and it was a surprise, the person who they crowned," Charmian said, "and it happenened to be me."

"People do know and do remember," said Barton, "She's de-emphasized that forever, I continue to emphasize it at every opportunity i get."

But if there's one thing Charmian likes more than anything- it's seeing a new set of smiling faces crowned each year and coming home to see it all.

"I wouldn't want to be any place else and, we plan to be there and I'll be singing the fight song and the alma mater, and if no one else in my group sings I'll be singing by myself," said Charmian.

The couple said they will continue to go to MU home games and all the homecomings for as long as they are able. They also added their prediction for this years game- a win for MU.