20 Dogs Found New Homes Today

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COLUMBIA - Animal shelters and groups gathered Sunday at Forrest Rose Park in downtown Columbia. The event, called "The Dog Days of Summer Adoption Event," led to 20 dogs finding new homes. Animal Advocacy Group "No Kill Columbia" sponsored and organized the event. President of "No Kill Columbia" Liz Burks said the event was a big success. "It has been a good day for everybody," Burks said.

Among the organizations that were present were: Animal Responsibility for Fayette (ARFF), Central Missouri Humane Society, Columbia Second Chance, Dogs Deserve Better, and the  Moberly Animal Shelter.

Columbia Second Chance Executive Director Valerie Chaffin said she was hesitant about participating because of the high temperatures lately in Columbia. "We didn't know if it would be too hot to have the dogs out in the heat," Chaffin said.

But it ended up being the perfect day for the event. With temperatures below 100 degrees, and an overcast sky, people and animals seemed comfortable. Organizers had small pools of water for the dogs to cool off, large fans, and kept the kennel area shaded.

"The main purpose, of course, is to find loving homes for the animals," Burks said, "but it's also great to see these organizations all gathered in one place. We all want the same thing."

Burks said they all want to find loving homes for the animals.