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JEFFERSON CITY - New numbers are out Wednesday on the state of Missouri's economy, education, health and transportation. State Auditor Tom Schweich published a report comparing statewide performance indicators against national averages as well as every state in the union.

Schweich says the purpose of the report is to let the numbers speak for themselves. He doesn't make any conclusions or ratings but simply wants to provide comparative information for citizens and elected officials.

The numbers in the report show Missouri's economy is slightly below the national average.  The household median income in Missouri in 2009 was below the national average by about $1,000.

Since 2000, unemployment in Missouri was higher than the national average six out of ten years. The percentage of job growth in Missouri is about on par with the national average which over the last ten years hasn't changed much. In 2009 14.6 percent of missourians lived below poverty level. That was just higher than the national average at 14.3 percent.

When it comes to academics, Missouri is doing fairly well. Missouri eigth graders scored above the national average in both math and reading. College bound students scored higher on the ACT than the national average. Additionally more Missourians age 25 and older have graduated high school than the national average.

However Missouri is far below the national average when it comes to those holding a bachelors degree or higher.  Less than 25 percent of Missourians have a bachelors degree or higher.

Missouri Statewide Performance Indicators