2011 Pedestrian Deaths Exceed 2010 Total

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COLUMBIA - The Missouri Department of Transportation expects the number of pedestrian deaths in 2011 to exceed the total last year. The number of deaths totaled 57 in 2010. As of September 2011 that number was already 54.

Sixty percent of pedestrian deaths occur while the person is walking along the road or exiting a stalled vehicle. Leanna Depue, the MODOT Highway Safety Director, said it is hard to say why so many deaths have happened.

"Pedestrian deaths are an accident," Depue said. "They are random and it's hard to say why the number is greater this year."

MODOT hopes the new campaign, "Be Safe, Be Seen, Arrive Alive", helps spread the message of pedestrian awareness. Messages will be seen on web banners, digital message boards, and social media posts. For more information visit savemolives.com.