2018 Quilt Exhibit

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COLUMBIA - The Daniel Boone Regional Library kicked off its 2018 Quilt Exhibit Sunday. 

The exhibit will showcase nearly 60 examples of the "Social World of Quilting" until April 29. The event is the fourth of its kind. Each quilt project is showcased throughout the library. One librarian said the library is a "lovely place to work especially when the quilts are up."

"We get these big pieces that brighten up where we work," Kat Stone Underwood said.

The curator of the exhibit, Mindy Smith said each year has its own theme of quilts that is showcased. Smith has even planned out the themes for the next two annual quilt exhibits.

"All of the quilts this year were put together by more than one quilter," she said. "They were a collaboration quilters that either stitched and/or designed all of the quilt tops"

The library will host the special guest, Jonathan Gregory, on April 21. He's from the International Quilt Study Center & Museum located at the University of Nebraska campus in Lincoln. 

"These are called friendship quilts because it's a collaboration of friends who make the quilts," Smith said. "Gregory is going to talk about the history of this piece of the quilting world."

Gregory will do another presentation on the preservation and protection of historical quilts from harm caused by light, pests, extremes of humidity and physical stress. 

According to a press release from the library, all of the quilts presented in the exhibit come from personal stories dating as far back as the 1800s. The quilts range from stories about WWII active duty service men to stories quilted from a women who immigrated from Ukraine.