24 hours to remove vehicles

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KINGDOM CITY - Vehicles left on the side of the road usually have 24 hours before MSHP tows the vehicle. However, if MoDOT needs to treat the roadways, that grace period would be shortened.

"Obviously, a week ago, we saw so many vehicles that were left," said Missouri State Highway Patrol Trooper Shawn Brazas. "We certainly try to give people the opportunity to come and get their car at their own convenience, but sometimes that's not possible."

Brazas said MSHP will place an orange sticker on the vehicle with the time MSHP checks the vehicle, noting how long it can sit on the roadside. 

If drivers do not move their vehicles within the allocated period, MSHP will tow the vehicle.

"You'd be able to call the Highway Patrol and identify the tow yard and towing company, and certainly retrieve that vehicle," he said.

Brazas said people are normally timely when retrieving their abandoned vehicles.

"Obviously, it's their property," he said. "No one wants to leave it on the side of the road."