2nd Annual Harold’s National Doughnut Day

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COLUMBIA- Doughnuts, fitness, animals, and community involvement. That is what the 2nd annual Harold’s National Doughnut Day 5k is all about.

Around 500 people celebrated National Doughnut Day, which was Friday, June 2, by running, walking or leisurely strolling, according to Michael Urban, owner of Harold’s Doughnuts.

The 5k began at Logboat Brewing Co. and took participants on a path through the east campus neighborhood and then ended at Logboat with doughnuts and music.

However, Urban said that the event is not all about celebrating national doughnut day and benefits a cause that holds a special place in his heart.

A portion of the proceeds from the 5k goes to the Central Missouri Humane Society, which “exists to prevent and alleviate suffering and uncontrolled reproduction of companion animals,” according to the the society’s website.

CMHS does not bring in much income, so any money the society can get from events like this one means a lot.

“For volunteers and local businesses to help raise awareness and money for them...it’s pretty essential for keeping them as a no-kill shelter,” said Christy Sites, a volunteer for CMHS .

Other than benefiting CMHS, Urban looks to bring the community and it’s businesses together with the 5k.

“One of the things we love to do is collaborate with other local business in a number of different ways,” said Urban.

Supplement Super Store, Smoothie King, Boss Tacos and Walt's Bicycle and Wilderness were at the event as well with Harold’s, promoting their businesses and helping raise money for CMHS.

Being a part of an event like this is not only good for CMHS, but also benefits the businesses that are being showcased.

“When we have an event like this we want to include as many people as possible so that our customers are then exposed to their services and what they do,” said Urban.

By working together, business owners can learn a lot about other local businesses and how they go about running their operation, according to Urban.

Urban believes that Columbia becomes a better place when local businesses come together.

“We look to build a whole lot of value through collaboration and have a lot of fun and make Columbia a place that offers unique events like this,” said Urban. “It’s only possible if we do it together.”