3/24_6pm_Toxic River

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ST. LOUIS - Industrial facilities added over two million pounds of toxic chemicals to Missouri waters in 2010, according to a report from Environment Missouri.

The report states that the Mississippi River is second in the nation terms of toxic contamination.  Only the Ohio River beats its contamination level.  

In 2010 alone, 672,000 of the 12.7 million pounds of toxins dumped into the Mississippi came from Missouri. 

The single largest source of releases in Missouri came from a Tyson Food Inc. processing plant in Pettis County.  It dumped over 410,000 pounds of toxic chemicals into Little Muddy Creek in 2010, according to the report.

The report also found that 5,107 pounds of chemicals linked to reproductive disorders were dumped into the Upper Black River watershed and 4,843 pounds were discharged into the Meramec River watershed.  This places them among the top 12 most contaminated watersheds in the country when measuring reproductive toxins. 

Environment Missouri's report measures discharges of cancer-causing chemicals, chemicals that persist in the environment and chemicals with potential to cause reproductive problems like birth defects or reduced fertility. Chemicals the report found include arsenic, mercury and benzene.