$30 Million Gift to MU Athletics

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COLUMBIA -  MU Athletic Director Mike Alden said one donor can't fulfill Mizzou's vision, but the $30 million donation to MU Athletics Tuesday certainly helps. The gift represents the second largest donation to MU in any department, sports or academics. 

"This is really expresses great confidence in the donors of The Kansas City Sports Trust and they've been tremendous supporters and partners throughout the years", said Chancellor Brady Deaton. 

The money is part of 102 million dollars worth of improvements the University is planning for football, softball, baseball, tennis and golf facilities.

Earlier in the day the Curators heard the master plan for facility improvements for all MU athletics.

"We've been involved in this master planning process at Mizzou for about the last 14 to 16 months, taking a look at the overall sports park", said Mike Alden. 

He also added the donation and the master plan will help the school move towards the goal of becoming an elite athletic program. 

The school has been working with Kansas City based 360 Architecture on future facility plans and improvements. 

"We enthusiasticly endorse this plan, we think it's not only going to be great for the University of Missouri, but it's gonna pay for itself with more ticket sales", said head of MU's Board of Curators David Bradley.

Several MU athletes and coaches, such as Football Head Coach Gary Pinkel, were on hand for the conference.

Said Pinkel about the plan, "There's going to be a couple of phases in it. I couldn't be more excited about it. I know our players are. We stressed that to our players today so they understood what was happening...that they've also been a big part of that happening." 

The Curators also displayed several sketches of what various athletic facilities might look like after the improvements. Alden said they represent $200 million worth of improvements. 

The planned changes are part of an overhaul as MU moves to the Southeastern Conference July 1st.