31 animals rescued from house fire prepared for adoption

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COLUMBIA - The Central Missouri Humane Society is prepping 31 animals for adoption which were previously rescued from a house fire.

The house fire happened in Boone County in August. Following the fire, the 17 cats and 14 dogs were taken to Boone County Animal Control.

The animals were turned over to the Central Missouri Humane Society shortly after the event. After being cared for a short while, they were turned back over to their owner, according to Michelle Casey, the Central Missouri Humane Society associate director.

On Monday, the animals were handed over to the humane society once again.

Casey said when the animals arrived, they were in rough shape.

"They arrived in very small cages and covered in their own feces. They were very scared and very timid," she said.

According to a press release, the animals were in poor condition upon arriving at CMHS, all needing grooming and some having urine scald, respiratory infections or dental disease.

Casey says thankfully they're all doing a lot better.

"We've sent most of them to foster homes where they can get that extra TLC and love that they need," she said.

The Central Missouri Humane Society will begin accepting applications for these animals on Wednesday, December 12. A link to the application can be found on the CMHS website.