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COLUMBIA - Saturday marks the third annual Splat! Jr. Obstacle Course Mud Run for Columbia Parks and Recreation.

Recreation Specialist Stacey Kulik said, "Columbia Parks and Recreation was looking for a fun, challenging event for youth. With adult mud runs being so popular, we thought we'd create one for kids. Splat is all about kids from course length to obstacle difficulty and the music we play."

Marketing Specialist Tammy Miller said there are about 1,000 children signed up to role around in the mud. The event has soared through the roof this year by adding more waves of rounds for the obstacles.

"It's been great to watch Splat grow and to see more families join us from all over Missouri," Kulik said.

The course stretches for about two miles throughout the Gans Creek Recreation Area. The exact length of the running route depends on the age group of the participants.

Children ages 4-15 are able to participate in the mud run. Each obstacle is built for different age groups of children.

Miller said the event is sold out, and there is no event day registration. However, organizers say people are more than welcome to come watch.