3rd Program Year Makes Improvements to Neighborhoods

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JEFFERSON CITY- The 3rd Program Year of the Consolidated Annual Performance Evaluation Report held a public meeting Monday afternoon to discuss the improvements made to the community. The program invested $8,808 for improving city hall to make it handicap accessible. It added an elevator and a ramp. 

The Neighborhood Improvement component of the program put $103,442 into improving 1015 E. Atchison. This was an old run down vacant building, but after improvements it is now a brand new community center. The community center finished construction and is now open to the public. Neighborhood kids can't wait to get in and use the center. 

Jefferson City Resident Norberto Incenio said he wants to use the center for his church dance team practices. 

The center opened up late in February and in the few weeks it has been open people have expressed excitement and interest in using it. 

Grants Administrator Melva Fast said the new center is the programs biggest success and she has received a lot of positive feedback from residents. 

The program put money into several other projects around the city and has received appreciation from the community.