4/7 Prom Dresses

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COLUMBIA - As prom season approaches, many high school girls are looking for that perfect dress. But those dresses don't come cheap. That's why some local high schoolers teamed up with local organizations to help girls cut the cost of prom.

Rock Bridge High School hosted its third annual prom dress charity event Saturday.

Girls from around Columbia had the opportunity to select dresses and shoes for free.

There were over 500 dresses to choose from ranging in size from one to 22.

Brooke Eaton, an event coordinator for Prom Closet, said prom closet was a way for girls to attend prom who can't usually afford it.

"Prom is a very expensive night, especially for girls and so it's not really fair when some girls can't afford prom that they don't just go. So here at Prom Closet we try to make sure that every girl have the chance to go to prom and can get a dress," said Eaton.

Organizers also accepted donations for the dresses and other accessories. All money raised will support Rainbow House, a child advocacy center.