4 arrested, 1 wanted in Gasconade suspect search

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GASCONADE COUNTY - A Gasconade County Sheriff's deputy said a Missouri State Highway Patrol helicopter and about 20 law enforcement officers were searching Tuesday afternoon for a suspect in the woods in a rural area west of Owensville. The search ended just before 5 p.m. Deputies did not have the fifth suspect in custody. Deputies identified the suspect as Matthew Schmidt.

"Oddly enough we believe he was the primary suspect resale of the vehicle plus he has a misdimeanor outstanding warrant from Crawford County," Captain Chuck Howard said.

Deputy Mason Griffith said the officials were searching for an unarmed male suspect in a wooded area near Miller's Auto Salvage on State Highway Y. Deputies arrested four other suspects.

Griffith said he can't comment on why Schmidt was wanted or why the four other people were arrested, but the four people in custody all had outstanding warrants.

A witness told KOMU 8 News a man brought in a vehicle to the salvage yard. The witness ran the vehicle identification number and it came back stolen. The witness said she kept the suspect at the salvage yard until deputies arrived. The witness said once the deputies got there, the suspect ran.

"(We) will continue to do a roving ground search tonight in hopes we find the suspect and any known associates that he has in the Owensville area," Howard said. "We're going to start interviewing suspects regarding their involvement in the stolen vehicle and then we will go from there."