5th Annual \"For the People Pow Wow\" at the Boone County

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COLUMBIA - Community members came out to support the 5th Annual "For the People Pow Wow" at the Boone County Fairgrounds Saturday.

The Native-American community prepared songs and dances to honor each other and to honor lost veterans.

Traditional vendors of wood crafting, jewelry and food came out as well to show their craft and art skills to the public.

Coordinator of the Pow Wow Dona McKinney said this event means so much to the Native-American community and they want to share that with everyone.

"Even if you are full Indian or you just have an eighth, everyone is welcome to this event. Even if you are not dressed up we want you to feel comfortable dancing and mingling with everyone," said McKinney.

The "For the People Pow Wow" event is a way to raise money for the annual Oklahoma Sun Dance Ceremony.

"There are several sun dances across America but the in central Missouri we have committed to go to the one in Oklahoma," said McKinney.

The sun dance ceremony is a 12-day prayer event that encompasses tradition, family, and meditation. 

"We just want to pray for the people, for all people," said McKinney.

The leader of "Missionary Society for the Preservation of Traditional Values" Larry Sellers spent time mingling with many attendees of the event. He said there is something especially significant about the Pow Wow event.

"It's definitely about inclusion, and not exclusion," said Sellers. "We don't believe in power and control within relationships, we believe in respect; from the young to the old."

The sun dance ceremony will take place the first week in August and will continue for 12 days.