6th Annual Pow Wow Kicks off in Columbia

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COLUMBIA - The 6th Annual For the People Pow Wow kicked off Saturday at the Central Missouri Events Center. The pow wow featured camping and booths with hand-crafted items, as well as traditional Native American food, singing, and dancing.

Special guest Larry Sellers described a pow wow as a social celebration.

"It brings people from different nations and different tribes together to see people you haven't seen in a long time, meet new people, new friends, and pass on aspects of our culture to our little ones," Sellers said. "It is very family oriented."

Tony Flores was at the pow wow to represent his tribe from Calif. Flores said he has been attending the Columbia Pow Wow for five years.

"We drum and sing, and of course most of my family we dance," Flores said. "We enjoy this pow wow, the family, we enjoy the people that we meet here."

Most of the jewelry and items for sale were hand crafted by the vendors. All of the money goes to the organization called The Society for the Preservation of Traditional Values.

"We encourage those traditional tribal values because the foundation of all those values is respect," Sellers said.

Both Sellers and Flores encourage people of all ethnicities to come out to the celebration.

"I would invite everyone that would be interested in learning more about this because this is where you get educated about it," Flores said. "This is a good place to ask questions."

The pow wow will continue until Sunday evening at 5 p.m.

For a full schedule of events visit http://msptv.org/powwow.htm.