8 Goes Green: New Green Triangle

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COLUMBIA - Going green may be easier than you think.  For most people, when they hear the phrase green triangle, the terms reduce, reuse, recycle come to mind. However, the Columbia Climate Change Coalition is taking a different approach on the whole concept.

According to their website, the green triangle talks about biking or walking to work as a means to help out the enviornment as well as improving one's health and saving money.

Seilech Corleigh takes the bus because she has not had a car in ten years ever since it broke down. However, she has found that taking the bus is a lot easier than she thought.

"While at first I was trying to save up money but then what I realized was that it was perfectly possible to get where I needed to be in Columbia without a car," Corleigh said.

Monta Welch, the founder of Columbia Climate Change Coalition, says that some people who give up their car completely can feel their wallets getting fatter. "Not having to purchase an automobile, you don't have to have insurance, you don't have to have gas. This is starting to be a large sum of money."

And while carpooling may sound like a good idea, Corleigh only uses when desperate. "Even if I was to contact a friend. If my friend is not already going somewhere, it's not carpooling, it's just more pollution." 

With the Columbia City Council discussing new possibilities about public transit, Welch hopes that this will open people's minds about moving towards applying the green triangle into their lives. " For more information on the green triangle and how to go green, click here from the Columbia Climate Change Coalition's website.