8 On Your Side: Technology Waits On Hold For You

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COLUMBIA - There are now applications and websites available that help you bypass having to wait on hold.  No more listening to the less than entertaining music on the other line while you wait for a real person to talk to you.  There are several free options for both your smart phone and landlines.

You can download applications like LucyPhone or Fast Customer on any smart phone with an iOS 5 system.  The apps give you a list of companies to choose from that you might want to call ranging from airlines to flower companies.  You then pick a company you wish to call and type in a call-back number and push start call.  The application calls you and you follow the prompt.  At any point that you get put on hold you can push ** (star, star) and the application will wait on hold for you. Then when a real person is on the phone the application will call you back.  

Don't have a smart phone? There's an online option. Get2human.com and gethuman.com also have a list of companies you might need to call.  The sites tell you the fastest way to get through the prompt and to an operator.  Plus, they give you the average hold time for that specific company.  You can also give the website a call-back number, like a land line, and the website will call you back when an agent is on the phone.  

If you want to try out those websites, click on their names above and the links will direct you to them.