8-Year-Old Gets the Present of a Lifetime

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BOONVILLE - Isiah Forbes celebrated his eighth birthday with family and friends over the weekend. He got everything he asked for, and more. But the biggest gift he got came in the mail for his parents a few weeks ago. The Make A Wish Foundation wrote a letter to Isiah's family telling them they would be heading to Disney World.

Isiah was diagnosed with epilepsy years ago. But recently, doctors found a mass just beneath Isiah's brain that they need to remove. Because of its location being directly underneath Isiah's brain, his doctors say its tough to reach. Instead of operating and removing the mass through a tricky surgery, doctors have told Isiah's parents to regularly check the location and size of the tumor through MRIs.

In December, Isiah and his family headed to St. Louis for another sedated MRI. The mass behind his brain hadn't increased in size, which meant Isiah didn't need to have that surgery yet. Eventually, he will have to have that mass removed. And with another surgery looming sometime in the near future, Isiah's parents worry the price tag is just too much for them to afford. To help pay this bill, Isiah's parents are asking for help from the community.

"It's just too much. We paid out of pocket last time - the hotel, the gas to and from, the medical costs themselves - it all just adds up," said Ryan Divine-Forbes, Isiah's mother. To help Isiah's family pay for his medical bills, you can donate here.