8th and Walnut Garage Closed for Cleaning

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COLUMBIA - The city of Columbia closed the Eighth and Walnut Parking Garage today for the next week. Crews will be deep cleaning the garage, which has not happened in a long time.

"The last of an actual scrubbing down and a resealing of the garage was over 10 years ago. so we are due for it, it is not routine maintenance," Paula Hertwig Hopkins, Interim City Manager, said.

Jason Morris, who parks in the garage often, said, "It is nice to be able to park in there but at the same time, this week it's a little inconvenient. But park a little farther away, get to enjoy a little bit of the sunshine and get a little exercise."

The crews are power washing the entire garage and repainting signs. This week of closure will not be the last this year. The crews are also going to seal the concrete. This will close the garage for a week again.

Everyone that normally parks in the garage is asked to park in the new parking garage on Fifth and Walnut down the street. All of the Eighth and Walnut parking permits will be valid at the Fifth and Walnut garage where there is plenty of parking available.