9/11 Columbia

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COLUMBIA - American flags, veterans and bagpipes filled Francis Quadrangle Tuesday evening.

"I really wanted to commemorate September 11, memorialize it, be greatful for the people who fight for freedom," said Jackie Golden, the wife of an MU faculty member.

Golden was one of hundreds who came to the Patriot Day Barbecue hosted by MU Chancellor Brady J. Deaton. 

"It's a great time to remember all the people who sacrificed so much for the country, and we want to honor them and really pay tribute," said Deaton.

Mizzou faculty, staff, student military veterans and their families were all welcome to remember a day that is hard to erase from anyones memory. 

"I was teaching a first grade class when it happened.  It was chaotic, devastating, I didn't know what was going to happen next," said Golden.

Chancellor Deaton took the time to thank the veterans, especially student veterans.  The presentation finished off with a performance by the Boone County Fire Protection District's Pipes & Drums. 

"It makes me proud of my country that we can still carry on beyond all that has happened," said bagpiper Heather Foote. 

This was the first year the barbecue was held to commemorate September 11.