9 PM Jeff City meeting

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JEFFERSON CITY - After several meetings regarding Jefferson City’s budget, the city’s budget committee held a public hearing Monday night.

Mayor Carrie Turgin wanted this year’s budget to be “conservative” and frugal. Frugal spending comes at a price for the city though, the city’s projected number for funding capital expenditures is 0.

In Thursday’s council meeting, Councilman Rick Mihalevich proposed cutting the Housing Authority’s gap fund to add more money into the sinking fund, the idea was shot down 5-2. The sinking fund would be discussed on a later date, and Mihalevich is planning on how to replenish the fund.

The Committee recently set aside $100,000 for the city’s sinking fund to finance capital improvements and emergencies.

The committee now wants to provide the police department with 14 new vehicles to improve numbers of police officers in the city, but the Mayor’s budget only funded two of the police departments vehicles. 

Jefferson City residents did not have many questions about the proposed budget at Monday's meeting, as the committee continues to work out some kinks. 

The next budget committee meeting is Thursday.