90-Year-Old Man Celebrates Birthday Skydiving

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MACON, Mo. - Dale Corderman says there's no better way to celebrate his birthday than skydiving. The 90-year-old Moberly man took to the sky at Macon-Fowler Memorial Airport Saturday morning. This is the third time he has been skydiving.

"If you're born to hang, you'll never drown," Corderman said. "I'm getting too old for this."

Corderman's daughter Dawn Bradley said he went skydiving once in his seventies and when he turned eighty. About a dozen members of Corderman's family came to watch his latest jump.

A team from Skydive Mid-America took him up in the air to jump from about 10,000 feet. "I've taken my daughter, years ago I took a friend of mine that was eighty years old... and every age and pretty much size in between," pilot Craig Shorten said.

Corderman added he felt good about Saturday's dive, but his knees don't hit the ground as well as they used to. He and his family said they planned to keep celebrating by going out to lunch after the jump.

"I told him he needed to do it again when he's 100, and he probably will," Bradley said.