911 service restored in east Columbia

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COLUMBIA - Boone County Public Safety Joint Communications said Monday CenturyLink technicians resolved issues related to incoming 911 calls from some callers in east Columbia. 

More than 7,500 residents were without 911 service after an outage Sunday. Boone County Joint Communications received reports of the outage early Sunday afternoon.

It was the second reported 911 outage in Columbia in three days. 

In a statement sent to KOMU 8 News, a spokeswoman for CenturyLink said, "The outage in Columbia on Sunday was an isolated incident, which impacted voice services on a portion of the University of Missouri campus and hospital. All services have been restored. Last week's outage was a technical issue impacting 911 services in Boone County. CenturyLink was in communication with Boone County Joint Communications throughout the duration of the event. When services are impacted, our first priority is to restore services as quickly as possible."

Boone County Joint Communications said in a press release it will continue to monitor its 911 system.

Officials at Joint Communications did not respond to KOMU 8's requests for comment.

(Editor's Note: This story has been updated to include the statement from CenturyLink and to indicate that officials at Boone County Joint Communications were contacted for their comment.)