9th Annual Pedaler's Jamboree

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COLUMBIA— The start of the ninth annual Pedaler’s Jamboree was held on Saturday.

Nine years ago when the event first began, it only had around 400 participants. This year and previous years before, the event had more than 2,000 registered participants.

Pedaler’s Jamboree is a music festival designed for bikers and non-bikers to enjoy a weekend full of festivities.

Participants departed from Flat Branch Park, which is the beginning of the MKT Trail and followed it down to the Katy Trail to reach the final destination 30 miles away at Boonville’s Kemper Park.

Registered bikers are able to camp out over night at Kemper Park for free.

Bicyclist Carla Buckingham traveled from Iowa to participate in the Pedaler’s Jamboree and said that the event is held on a special weekend.

“I’m excited for the Pedaler’s Jamboree, this will be my first time,” Buckingham said. “I’m also excited about the fact that this is Memorial Weekend and we should be respectful of those who died on the battlefield for us.”

This year’s events were spread out between Huntsdale, Rocheport, Franklin and Boonville. Bikers were able to stop at their convenience to enjoy live entertainment at each stop.

Events included live stage music from multiple artists, with the band Ha Ha Tonka headlining. A fireworks show, a newly introduced BMX Bicycle Stunt show and other entertainment, along with a variety of food vendors and a Craft Beer Cellar.

Bicyclist Steve Reed said the Pedaler’s Jamboree promotes motivation.

“I think it’s great to encourage other people to get out and ride,” Reed said. “There are a lot of us in our group that ride on our own occasionally commute to work by bike, but I think when people see thousands of other folks out on a bike, they realize it’s a lot of fun.”

To see the schedule for the weekend please visit their website.