A Boonville bridge will be under construction this summer

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BOONVILLE - Demolition is something many Boonville residents have been talking about.

MODOT announced Wednesday they will be contracting with Emery Sapp and Sons for the repair of the Missouri Route 87 bridge over Interstate 70. 

Emery Sapp and Sons only has 104 days to tear down and rebuild the bridge.

The Hail Ridge golf course is located right by the bridge and owner Josh Black said the construction is just a little bump in the road.

"I think it would be really easy for somebody to look at the negative side of it and think that it's going to be detrimental to your business," Black said. "But I'm looking at it as a positive."

He said I-70 isn't the only way to get to the golf course. 

"We have alternate routes to get here. There are other ways to get here than just coming on highway 70," he said. "We'll map those out and send them out on Facebook and we'll put them out for everybody."

Black said Hail Ridge has other locations people could go to if the construction was really an issue. 

However, one local restaurant owner has a different opinion. 

Kathi Reed is the owner of the 87 Diner, on the other side of the bridge. 

She said her diner is going to feel the effects of the bridge repair. 

"I know it's truly going to hurt our business," she said. "We've been planning for quite some time, hoping that we can get through it."

Reed said the repair won't just impact the people of Boonville, but customers that make the long distance trip to eat at her diner. 

"It's a big part of their day," she said. "Some of them are here twice a day. On Fridays, they're here three times a day. So, we have very, very loyal regulars."

Reed said she hopes construction flies by.

MODOT Engineer Mike Schupp said the first date of construction has not been set. But, he said construction will not start until after July 4 and must be done by Dec. 1.