A Bra that Goes Green

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COLUMBIA - The date is set for this year's 'Decorate a Bra' contest to benefit the Ellis Fischel Cancer Center and its breast cancer patients. The date is October 5th at the Tiger Hotel. Before Chance Seales left for Florida, he helped me make our own contribution to the contest.

The bra, 8 Goes Green, had eco-conscious materials like: recyclable rubber, ink cartridges and can tabs to encourage people to save their plastic jugs. Kristen Fritschie, of Ellis Fischel Cancer Center, said this event helps provide funding for breast cancer programs.

"This is a way to put a positive spin or a positive event on the fact that they are a breast cancer survivor. Last year, we raised more than $8,000 so we were able to put that toward various breast cancer programs. And then we were able to provide mammograms for individuals who could not afford a mammogram." Fritschie said.

For information on entering this year's contest you can click here or contact Charlene Johnson for an entry form.