A Cole County Fire District Plans Dry Hydrant Instalation

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LOHMAN - A Cole County fire protection district will soon have four new dry hydrants at its disposal.

The Russellville-Lohman Fire District received $2,988.17 from the Missouri Department of Conservation in April to purchase the equipment for the dry hydrants, two drip torches and new communication devices.

The dry hydrants will be placed strategically across Russellville, Lohman, Enon and the surrounding areas. The goal is to have quicker access to a water source. Rich Green, the training officer for the district, said unlike large, urban cities, rural areas have more difficulty quickly accessing water to fight fires. Rural fire districts are limited to water from ponds, creeks and lakes. However, Green said the dry hydrants will make it quicker to transport water to fires around the area.

"We have to have time to get to a fire and the quicker we're there the more we can do. If we don't have hydrants located locally we have to use tankers and then take these trucks, these tankers, to a water source to get the water and go back. So any transportation time severely limits our ability to do a quick response," Green said.

With a limited budget, the Russellville-Lohman Fire Protection District applies for grants each year. To receive this grant, fire departments are required to match 50 percent of the funds and submit an incident report. The money, provided by the U.S. Forest Service and the Missouri Department of Conservation, is intended to be used by fire departments servicing communities of less than 10,000 people.

The Regional West fire Protection District in Cole County also received this grant.