A Columbia after-school/summer program receives assistance

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COLUMBIA - The Columbia Housing Authority's Moving Ahead summer and after- school program received donations and a check from two of its sponsors Wednesday.

The mission of the Moving Ahead program is to provide an academically focused after-school program featuring tutoring and life-skills enrichment for youth living in public housing and the surrounding neighborhoods. 

Vessels International and Angels Custom Painting came in and donated a check and some special art supplies for the students.

Janice Brooks, the program administrator at the MAP program, said, "I have seen the kids in the program grow academically, I've seen their life skills grow, and I have seen them learn how to be respectful of the community."

Vessels International, a local non-profit brought art supplies the MAP program will now use for trauma informed art making for the students.

Renee Reed- Miller, co-founder of Vessels International, said, "The MAP program is an example of the local to global standard that we use. We like to localize our mission, while continuing to make a global impact. The students at MAP are very diverse and come from all walks of life."

Angels Custom Painting brought in a check to help MAP with its summer program. The money given will help buy passes for children to go on skating and swimming outings this summer.

Fabian Carbone, who owns the company, said, "We just think it's important to support the kids and the summer program. It gives them a place to go to help further their education and help the next generation coming up."

Other sponsors include the Veterans United Foundation, City of Columbia, Boone County, and several banks in the community. 

Several kids who attend the program said MAP has helped them gain new friends and get better grades in school.

They also expressed how thankful they are for their sponsors who help keep the program going and allow them to have somewhere safe to go after school and during the summer.