A Guy and a Goat Walk Across the Country for a Good Cause

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BOONVILLE - Steve Wescott and his goat Leeroy Brown walked through Boonville on their way to New York City on May 15. The team started at the Space Needle in Seattle on an adventure they call "Needle2Square." They will end in New York's Times Square. They are walking across the country to raise $200,000 for an orphanage in Nairobi, Kenya.

Wescott was in Seattle with a band when the idea to walk across the country occurred to him. All he needed was a cause, and that's where his best friend, Stephen Turner, came in. Turner serves as a missionary in Nairobi for Uzima Outreach. Uzima helps addicted adults and their neglected, sometimes orphaned, kids in Nairobi. Many kids have resorted to sniffing glue and petrol to ease hunger pains and keep them warm at night. Turner and Wescott want to build a self sustaining orphanage complete with a small farm to feed and foster the victims.

Wescott entered Missouri at the beginning of May and said the Midwest has been great to him.

"Leave it to me to be the only guy who walks across the country and gets fatter. Seriously, people stop to give me food all the time and I've rarely had to sleep outside," said Wescott.

Wescott doesn't have an arrival date or even an estimated time of arrival. He said it's all about the experience of everything.

"I don't think this is a sacrifice at all. I'm experiencing so much kindness across America and so many people," explained Wescott.

But his trip is going a little slower than expected. Wescott purchased his walking partner Leeroy from a goat rescue facility roughly a month before starting his journey.

"I picked a goat because the Internet said they're good at carrying stuff and walking so I thought, great. However, it would have been nice if someone warned me how slow they are. Leeroy's walking pace raises my heartbeat to that of taking a nap, but I love him," said Wescott.

Wescott wants to get 10,000 people to donate $20 each by the end of his trip in order to build the orphanage in Kenya.

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