A local retirement home "hires" four legged friends

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COLUMBIA- A local retirement housing facility has brought on three new staff members, and they only need to be paid in pets and treats.

Tiger Place hired three Yorkies to help bring some more happiness to the facility.

The puppies are at Tiger Place from 8-5 p.m during the week to show some of the residents extra love.

Beth Ann Rosson, a staff member a the facility, drives 30 minutes out of her way to pick up one puppy, and she recently just adopted the other two.

"We had a resident that was struggling from depression, and really just had a steady decline. After the puppy started coming, the resident really started coming out of her shell and started socializing. Her mood lifted and she came out of her depression," Rosson said.

When the puppies aren't spending time with individual residents, they can be seen roaming around and being loved on by other residents.

One resident, Rose Marie Willis, said the puppies are her companions.

"They are so much company and so much fun to have. They take care of each other and worry about me," Willis said.

Rosson plans to keep the puppies around as long as the residents want them.