A male sexual abuse conference took place at Lincoln University

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JEFFERSON CITY - 1 and 6 males are sexually abused by the time they are 18. For the first time in the midwest the conference Show Me A Helping Hand is at Lincoln University to talk about male sexual abuse.  

The chairman for CJA Governor Task Force, Greg Holtmeyer, said people aren't comfortable when talking about male sexual abuse, but it's something that has to be talked about for men to come forward. 

"But as long as we don't talk about it, it is going to continue to happen and as long as we don't talk about it men don't feel comfortable talking about it and they won't come forward," Holtmeyer said. "So we have to get society talking about it, we have to get people willing to accept that this does happen. Then those men can come forward and get the help that they need." 

This conference was a two-day conference filled with different speakers ranging from a clinical psychologist to the states director of childhood advocacy. 

On Thursday Kelley Schultz, Missouri's director of childhood advocacy, spent part of the day training organizations how to prevent, identify and response to sexual abuse of children. 

"80 percent or more child sexual abuse incidents happen in isolated, one-on-one situations," Schultz said. 

Schultz said the perpetrators tend to groom the adults more than the children.