A men's health clinic opens its doors in Columbia

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COLUMBIA - The Columbia Chamber of Commerce celebrated the grand opening of Epoch Health, the newest clinic in Missouri, on Wednesday. The clinic focuses entirely on men's health care needs.

"Men are really bad about going to the doctor so the new clinic makes it very easy for men to come in," said director of marketing and business development Jentry Mills. "We will help the community to get more men to the doctor."

The founder and national director of marketing and business development Mike Whitfield said Epoch Health created the state's first physician-run clinic model designed to help men older than 30 to enjoy an enhanced quality of life through proper health screenings and treatments, specifically focusing on symptoms of low testosterone.

The loss of testosterone is a natural part of the aging process for men. However, there are many cases when levels fall faster than they should. There are some signs of deficiency of testosterone, such as low energy, depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, low bone density, and sleeping problems.

The physicians and medical staff at Epoch focus on men's specific health care needs. Each patient receives a free "100% Men's Health Screening" to precisely test testosterone levels, which would usually cost around $1,600.

"A large number of guys who come in to our clinics they don't even know that they have a problem," Whitfield said. "We do that screening, and we are able to find all kinds of things that guys didn't even know that they had, and in many cases we save a lot of lives and protect a lot of families."

The Epoch lab's screenings are comprehensive and test signs of colon, bladder and prostate cancer. What is more, it also analyzes for other potential problems, such as those connected with the patient's heart, blood pressure, metabolism, and vitamin and nutrient levels.

A consumer can take the results of the screenings to his primary care physician or look at the results with a doctor in the clinic.

The location in Columbia is the seventh in the country and the only one in Missouri. Mills said the clinic has been in Columbia about the month and screened around 350 men.

Whitfield said Epoch Health is planning to develop 20 more clinics in 17 states around the country.