A Mizzou Program Turns 100 This Year

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COLUMBIA -This year marks the 100th anniversary for the University of Missouri extension program. State representatives and Missouri residents will come together on Mizzou's campus to celebrate the centennial anniversary. 

The extension is a land-grant program that works to bring educational programs, such as farming, business and nursing to Missouri's 114 counties. 

"Today we have people involved in many many different programs, and reach just about every community in the state. Every community in this state probably has some professional serving it that has been touched on by extension." said Gagnon. 

The extension program is run completely by elected or selected volunteers and also sponsors youth 4-H programs.

Program directors are holding a celebratory birthday party to commemorate the 100 years of service. The event starts at 10:30 a.m on Thursday. There will be 1914 era based games, booths, mini Mizzou and Truman the tiger will be making appearances, and there will be giveaways and cake.

Dennis Gagnon, Director of Communications and Marketing for MU extension, said this year that the program is looking to reach out to the students on campus and get them involved.

"We're really trying to connect with students on campus that we view as being potential people out in the counties that will be involved with extension." Gagnon said. 

The program will also unveil a new student initiative that will aim to reach out to each community and decide on projects that will fit the specific needs of each county. The program would include a spring break service learning projects for students to be active in the communities.