A new crosswalk in Columbia could put parents\' minds at ease

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COLUMBIA - The Columbia Bicycle and Pedestrian Commission is finalizing a plan for the city council on Wednesday for a new crosswalk near West Middle School. The plan is for a crosswalk with an island in the middle of the road and lights to be installed on Broadway near Clinkscales road.

A parent of a West Middle School student proposed the idea and said this is not only for students.

"The city has changed the bus schedule and there is a bus that lets off on that side of Broadway and there are no sidewalks," said Debbie Rodman, the mother who proposed the idea. "There are actually three bus stops without a sidewalk and people who get off who are disabled or cannot dash across the street they have issues."

There are a few models Rodman would like the city to follow, like the one on Rogers St. near Columbia College.

Rodman says this can be used to help the students learn as well. "Walking to school helps students wake up and they will stay alert and learn better in school," Rodman says.

The principal of West said she likes the idea because there is heavy traffic on Broadway and the students, ages 11-14, could be rushing to school and not be as carful as they should. Principal Dr. Connie Dewey sids the staff tries to coordinate with the Columbia Police Department as much as possible to make sure students get home safe.

Editor's note: This story has been updated to include information from the principal of West Middle School.